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VE Testing


I’m Jerry Hart, W7KR. I’m the exam leader, and the team & I welcome you to our exam session. All we ask you to bring is:

  • 1. ID - Driver's license, passport, or some other picture ID.
  • 2. FRN (Federal Registration Number).
  • 3. $15.00 cash or check made out to ARRL.
  • 4. If upgrading, we need a copy of your Amateur Radio License.

We test the second Monday of every month except for December. Testing is conducted at:

Kootenai County Office of Emergency Management
1662 West Wyoming Ave
Hayden, ID. 83835
Time: 17:30 PT (5:30PM

Registration is required. Please email me with your name, email address, and the test element that you would like to take.

To learn more feel free to contact me on at or via telephone at 208-714-7649.

Want to operate a radio? You will need a license, and that's where we come in. Depending on the frequency band(s) you wish to operate we can help you get the license you need. New hams need to start with a Technician license. From there you can upgrade to General and even Extra class licenses.

You are also invited to our club meetings to learn more about Amateur Radio. Come on down!!!! The information about our club meetings can be found on this very website,

If you are unable to attend a local test session, you may now take your test online through GLAARG (Greater Los Angeles Amateur Group VEC). Go to their link at and locate a date and time that works for you. Follow the instructions and then select the "Register" button at the bottom. They will answer any questions that you may have.

Our VE Testing team is composed of:

Jerry Hart - W7KR

Avakian, Mark - N7MA
Banks, Cheryl - KF7SQL
Boswell, David - N4APY
Campbell, Allan - KE7DFT
Croskrey, Dan - NV2Z
Field, Kerry - KE7ODS
Hallock, Robert - K7TM
Hepner, Harold - AD7QJ
Holland, Gary - N7DHL
Nordstrom, Christopher - W7CFN
Rosie, Robert - W7GSV
Silk, Todd - AD7VB
Eric Smith - AG7JP

Hooper, Jerry - KA7RNX
Schaff, Robert - KM2D SK