North Idaho Sunset Over The Rathdrum Prairie Copyright © 2012 Lenny Gemar Photography
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Archived News

BNLARC Special Event Station
The Brookhaven National Laboratory Amateur Radio Club is hosting a special event to celebrate the Lab's 70th Anniversary. Read all about it in their e-mail announcement.

KARS 2017 Field Day
That's a wrap on this year's Field Day activity. The bands were not particularly cooperative and we had a pretty light turn-out, but for those that did it was a lot of fun. Contacts were made, points were scored, and Saturday evening offered a relaxing opportunity for grub with fellow hams and friends. View a few photos at our KARS 2017 Field Day gallery.


KARS Hamfest A Success!
Thanks to everyone that helped make our 2017 KARS Hamfest a success! If you missed out on the good times, the great food, and even better deals, you can see what you missed at our photo gallery.

Message Handling Training
Ham radio is all about community service and emergency preparedness. Part of that is to pass emergency traffic when the regular lines of communication fail. This is an ARES messaging handling exercise on May 22nd where you'll get to hone your skills passing simulated emergency traffic. Learn more and register at the AMP 2017 page.

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