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ARES Message Practice
AMP 2017

There will be an on-the-air message traffic handling exercise on May 22 at 7:00 PM PDT for one hour.

The exercise is on 2 meters and is open to all licensed amateur radio operators in the area. It will be a directed net with NCS on 147.080 MHz (+600 PL tone 100Hz). Participants are requested to check in with NCS at that time and await instructions. They will be directed to other simplex frequencies to pass traffic using the ICS 213 format.

Participants will be requested to complete several other ICS forms normally used in handling EOC traffic. All the needed documents are listed and downloadable below.

Participants are asked to email all their forms to NCS at following the exercise.

There will be short informational announcement at the ARES meeting May 1 and the KARS meeting May 8.

Please download and save the following forms for use during the exercise:

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